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       Home » Products » Fuel Injector for Race Car » Bosch high-impedance Fuel Injectors 1600CC 0280150846

      Bosch high-impedance Fuel Injectors 1600CC 0280150846

      online service


      Email: crdt17@credit-parts.com

      Skype: creditparts28

      Fax: +86-577-88699096

      Quick Details

      • Type: Injector Nozzle,Gasoline
      • Car Make: Racing Cars/Tuning Cars
      • OE NO.: 1600cc(0280150846)
      • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
      • Brand Name: CreditParts/CRDT
      • Model Number: CFI-846
      Packaging Details: One injector nozzle is put into a nice colorful box and 100 boxes into a carton.
      Delivery Detail: In 15days after get your payment.


      1).CRDT Engineering 1600CC Fuel Injectors 
      2).Bosch Part No.:1600cc(0280150846) 
      3)The injector fit for tuning cars1986-92Mazda 

      Bosch high-impedance flow-matched Fuel Injectors 1600CC (0280150846)



      Flow Rate - CC's: 
      1600 CC's / MIN @ 43.5 PSI 

      Flow Rate - LB's: 

      152 LBS / HR @ 43.5 PSI 

      5.0 Ohms @ 68 F 

      8-15 Volts, nominal 13.5 Volts 

      Peak 2.5 Amps / Hold 1.0 amps 

      Min 30 PSIG / Max 100 PSIG


      Packing Details as below:

      One injector nozzle is put into a nice colorful box and 40boxes into a carton. 
      Shipping Terms:
      In 15days after get your payment.
      Payment Terms:
      2.Western Union
      4.Credit Card Available


      Money back guarantee
      If you get not satisfied with our products,
      you have the right to return within 1 years 
      and we will refund the complete amount within one week. 
      Besides of that you have a warranty of 1 years


      We are 100% ensure that each injector nozzle will be tested before shipment.




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